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Awnings are ideal in sunny South Africa, where harsh sunlight can often be damaging to fixtures and furniture. And when the weather gets wet, our awnings will also help keep the water off!

Which awning is right for you?

Icon Aluminium Awning

Aluminium Awnings

Keep cool and dry with our fantastic Aluminium Awnings. A great way to guard against the harsh effects of the East London weather.

Icon Canvas Awning

Canvas Awnings

Bring a touch of class to your home with our Canvas Awnings. They can be retracted when not needed and help keep the weather off when in use.

Icon Patio Awning

Patio Awnings

Extended your outdoor living space with Patio Awnings that help control the sun, wind and rain. Use your outdoor area in any weather.

With over 30 years of experience, you can trust our advice. After all, a well-made awning will enhance the character of your home.

Don’t just take our word for it! Check out some of our installations.

Look after your employees

All-Awnings installed a Patio Awning, transforming an exposed outdoor smoking area into a protected staff area, allowing relaxation in all weather conditions.

Aluminium Awning over shopfront

Protect your merchandise from UV rays

All-Awnings installed an Aluminium Awning over this shop window to provide the products inside some protection from the harsh sun.

Aluminium Awning over shopfront

Not all houses are created equal

This custom Patio Awning is specially made to follow the shape of the house, creating maximum protection and looks great.

Aluminium Awning over shopfront

Keep your cool

All-Awnings installed this Aluminium Patio Awning to provide some relief from the sun allowing the entertainment area to be used even in the heat.

Patio awning installation extends the outdoor patio

Create sheltered seating

All-Awnings extended the entertainment area at this beach cottage with this aesthetically pleasing Aluminium Patio Awning.

Patio awning installation extends the outdoor patio

Expand your patio

All-Awnings used a Solid Top Awning in conjunction with a transparent Drop Blind to create a weather-proof outdoor area.

Aluminium awnings

Stay out of the rain

All-Awnings created a covered doorway to keep our customer dry and in the shade when entering their home.

Acrylic awning protecting windows

Stand out from the rest

All-Awnings suggested Acrylic Awnings for this installation as they both protect and add visual appeal to the windows.

Inspired by nature

All-Awnings advised a Patio Awning installation to create a sheltered nature viewing area. Now nature can be enjoyed no matter what the weather brings.

Aluminium awning installation over yoga studio glass doors

Find your balance

Aluminium Awning over yoga studio glass doors adding shelter and elegance.

Retractable Canvas Awning installed by All-Awnings

Need the best of both worlds?

All-Awnings installed a retractable Canvas Awning to protect from the sun in the harsh summer months, and allows sunlight in during the cool winter months; the best of both worlds.

Patio Awning installation protects the outdoor patio

Keep the light

In order to keep the extended outdoor area feeling light,
All-Awnings installed an Aluminum Awning that featured a semi-transparent panel.

Patio Awning installation protects the outdoor patio

Save yourself from a rainy day

All-Awnings installed an Aluminium Awning to provide shelter and save the bottom rooms from water seepage that was being caused by the rain.

Patio Awning installation protects the outdoor patio

Elevate your establishment

This Canvas Awning enhanced and personalised this entrance, and protects the patrons from the weather.

Patio Awning installation protects the outdoor patio

Keep dry

In order to provide some protection from a downpour, All-Awnings suggested and installed a bi-coloured Aluminium Awning.