Choose Carports

Carports are an economical alternative to a full garage. They protect your car, shielding it from harsh weather that can damage your paintwork. All-Awnings has years of experience installing them, whether it’s just one or one thousand.

Which carport is right for you?

Icon Pyramid Carport

Pyramid Shaydports

Shaydports provide great UV protection, making sure that they protect your greatest assets.

Icon Solid Top Carport

Solid Tops

These carports provide a complete weatherproof solution, come rain, shine or hail.

Don’t just take our word for it! Check out some of our installations.

Put up some shade

Pyramid Shaydport provides some extra parking cover and  provides protection from the sun and rain.

Commercial Corner

Pyramid Shaydports create a striking corner for this business and provides merchandise and customer protection from the sun.

Shaded pool days

To accommodate the stepped seating at this school pool, All-Awnings installed angled Pyramid Shaydports. These will protect the children from the harsh UV rays while using the facilities.

Create value

To add value for their employees, this employer tasked All-Awnings with installing Pyramid Shaydports to protect their employees’ greatest assets while they were at work.

Peace of mind

All-Awnings installed a number of Solid Top Carports at the airport long-term parking, ensuring your vehicle will be safe from the weather until you get back to it.

After a long day

To protect the patrons of a local tavern, All-Awnings installed a Waterproof Shadecloth Top. Now their customers can enjoy their cold beers rain or shine.

Extend your cover

All-Awnings installed a Pyramid Shaydport to provide protection for the caravan and boat.

Extra maneuvering space

To avoid potential damage to the poles and tenant cars, All-Awnings installed Pyramid Shaydports with cantilevered front poles for added mobility and space.

Protect your family

All-Awnings installed this Pyramid Shaydport to cater a shady play area for the family, keeping them safe and cool.

Aesthetically pleasing

All-Awnings installed Pyramid Shaydports for this client creating valuable shaded parking for their customers as well as making the premises look even more professional.

No matter the space

An Aluminium Carport was installed to make use of a snug area to protect a second car from the elements.

Retain your resale value

To keep the vehicles in tip to shape, All-Awnings installed Waterproof Pyramid Shaydport for protection from rain and sun.