Choose Blinds

Blinds can be a far more cost-effective solution, compared to curtains. They are more hygienic and take up less space. When floor space is at a premium, blinds can help a room feel more spacious. With over 30 years of advice, let us help you pick the solution that is best for you.

Which blinds are right for you?

Icon Roller Blind

Roller Blinds

Block out unwanted scrutiny and protect from the sun with roller blinds.

Icon Venetian Blinds

Venetian Blinds

Modernise your rooms, bring in added aesthetics, while controlling the light.

Icon Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds

Filter out harsh light, and retain the ability to easily pull your blinds to one side.

Icon Drop Blind

Drop Blinds

Weather break, perfect for extending and shielding your outdoor entertainment areas.

East London days start early, with the sunlight creeping in way before we are ready to rise. A good set of blinds can keep a room dark and comfortable, until you are ready to get up.

Don’t just take our word for it! Check out some of our installations.

Easy access

In order to have a versatile none obstructed sliding door, All-Awnings installed Vertical Blinds which can quickly and easily be moved out of the way.

Protect your belongings

Wooden Venetian Blinds add a touch of class to this yoga studio while protecting expensive equipment from the sun.

Keep your view

A transparent Drop Blind was installed to ensure maximum garden views, even when the weather gets wet and windy.

Elevate your space

All-Awnings installed wooden Venetian Blinds to add light control and a unique look to the room.

Stop the glare

All-Awnings installed an ultra blockout Drop Blind to prevent glare and provide a premium viewing environment for sports and movies.

Expand your outdoor space

All-Awnings installed a transparent Drop Blind to protect from the elements but maintain the feeling of being outdoors.

Add some style

To create a cosy cottage effect and extend the outdoor area, All-Awnings installed a canvas Drop Blind with PVC windows.